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Shoppable ads continue gaining steam.
Morning Brew May 20, 2022

Marketing Brew


Welcome to the end of the week. If you’re among the swarms looking for summer travel plans and the thought of finding a place gives you hives, here’s a place in the Italian countryside that’s getting a lot of buzz. Just know you won’t bee alone. Enjoy!

In today’s edition:

—Katie Hicks, Phoebe Bain


Shop ’til you drop…your remote

a woman's hand holding a remote with shopping bags on her arm Francis Scialabba

At the dawn of television, turning up the volume and buying something were two actions that required getting off the couch. Not anymore.

Enter: Shoppable ads, through which viewers can purchase onscreen products with the click of a button or the scan of a QR code, continue to grow in popularity: This spring, AMC, Condé Nast, and Roku unveiled new features that allow viewers to purchase products directly from the ads they see on TV.

Numbers: It’s a move driven in part by the success of social commerce, as well as the potential for promising engagement. “I like to look at the data, and when we see that we can get a 0.5% response rate on a CTV ad with the remote control, that is sort of mind-blowing to me,” Peter Hamilton, head of television commerce at Roku, told Marketing Brew. By “combining [TV] with some of these digital marketing and performance-oriented aspects that give us more data,” he added, “that gives us a better ability to target and to learn, and I think it’s a really winning combination.”

Hype: As shoppable offerings become more widespread, though, some industry leaders seem skeptical that TV can live up to the social media standard—and warn advertisers to tread carefully. 

Click here to read more about the effectiveness of shoppable TV ads and if buyers think they have legs.—KH



Reward yourself with a refresh


As a small-business owner, you’re pretty busy. So busy, in fact, it’s possible you didn’t even realize Small Business Week was the first week of May.

If you were plugging away and missed it, you need a break—and Mailchimp has you covered. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some treats designed with you in mind.

First up, it’s time for a movie break. Mailchimp presents: The Thing That Drives You, a collection of motivational films about pushing past boundaries to stand out in the crowd.

Want advice from someone who gets it? Mailchimp is highlighting relatable tips and inspirational insights from fellow small-business owners. See all 5 here.

Finally, if you need a change in perspective, enjoy a few minutes of fun with these creative games.

We’re celebrating you and all you do, because being a small-business owner means being “on” 24/7/365. Here’s your chance for a break, so go enjoy some recess, courtesy of Mailchimp.


Reels on fleek

a colorful IG Reel logo Dianna “Mick” McDougall

Just like your eyebrows, TikTok and Reels are sisters, not twins. Case in point: The two social video formats weren’t born in the same year. TikTok rolled out in 2016, with Instagram Reels following in its footsteps in 2020.

So it’s no surprise that some marketers haven’t figured out how to drive lower-funnel conversions, like sales and email signups, on the two-year-old feature, no matter how much Instagram love-bombs users with Reels content.

  • Perhaps CreatorIQ COO Tim Sovay put it best: “The vast majority of brands are still learning TikTok, let alone Reels,” he told Marketing Brew.

Big picture: It’s possible that Reels isn’t consistently driving lower-funnel metrics, not only because many marketers are still learning about the relatively new social-video format, but also because of how they’re approaching influencer marketing on it. Several experts told Marketing Brew that influencers need to act more like TikTokers than Instagrammers on Reels in order to drive lower-funnel success.

Test and learn

A lot of education has to happen around what makes great Reels content, Sovay said. Advertisers need time to learn what drives different results and how the product functions generally, he explained (it’s worth noting that only about a year has passed since ads rolled out fully on Reels).

That, of course, takes time: “It’s not to say that there’s a certain reason why Reels would be failing compared to, say, TikTok or Stories,” he told us. “There’s a lot of experimentation that needs to happen when focused on commerce and affiliate solutions on these platforms,” Sovay said, adding that it’s also up to the social platforms themselves to do the heavy lifting around educating marketers.

Read how other marketers are using Reels here.—PB



  • Senators proposed a new law that could break up Google and Meta’s ad businesses.
  • Meta may not have been demonetizing Facebook searches related to the Buffalo mass shooting, according to the New York Times.
  • WhatsApp can now make money from businesses who use its app to connect with customers.
  • Wells Fargo allegedly conducted “fake” job interviews with women and people of color to improve perceptions around its diversity efforts, according to a former executive.
  • Love Island cut its fast-fashion partnerships and will now offer contestants “pre-loved” clothes from eBay.



We stan. Can’t wait for the day Gen Z says that about your brand? Well, we teamed up with Edelman to help you quickly become a new Gen Z fave, and here’s where you need to start: with the issues that matter to them, like ethics, safety, and transparency. Learn more here.


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Today’s featured openings:

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French press Francis Scialabba

There are a lot of bad marketing tips out there. These aren’t those.

Short stories: Instagram is testing out a new UI for its stories. Here’s what that means for marketers who use them.

Cash or credit: TikTok added a new feature to give credit to trend creators.

Stream for good: Here’s how you can optimize YouTube videos to help Ukraine.

Slam dunk: How’d the Atlanta Hawks drive 7X ROI on their Connected TV ad spend? They tapped MNTN Performance TV for the assist. For AI-driven optimization that reaches your most valuable viewers across the top 150 streaming channels, click here.*

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Written by Phoebe Bain and Katie Hicks

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