The best quotes from Marketing Brew’s 2021 CTA event series

Key insights from virtual chats with marketers from Clinique, Delta, Instagram, and more.
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Francis Scialabba

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No, we aren’t starting a newsletter to recap all our fabulous events. But we are going to give you a rundown of what Marketing Brew’s 2021 (virtual) events looked like.

Looking ahead: We’ll keep you posted on our events calendar for next year. Crossing our fingers for some in-person vibes come 2022. 🤞


We kicked off Marketing Brew’s CTA event series with a conversation about our dream wedding Pinterest boards marketing on Pinterest. Being that we’re serious journalists and have certainly never lost hours of our lives pinning away on Pinterest, we brought in a few people who actually have real experience using it as a marketing platform.

Vistaprint’s senior manager of global content marketing, Robin Vancura, and global social media lead, Femke Lenstra, stopped by virtually to chat about how they use Pinterest.

Best quote: “Pinterest is a search engine just like Google, so really make sure your copy on your pins—but also the copy on your boards—is optimized for search.”—Lenstra, on Pinterest being a search engine–social media hybrid

Check My Ads

Morning Brew B2B’s executive editor Josh Sternberg sat down with Nandini Jammi and Claire Atkin, cofounders of Check My Ads, in a far-away land called June 2021. ICYMI, Check My Ads is a consultancy that helps advertisers better navigate the ad-tech world’s murky waters and bad actors.

Best quote: “We have yet to work with a brand that hasn’t been on some kind of disinformation [site].”—Atkin, on just how common it is for ads to get funneled into the worst places on the internet without marketers knowing


What’s a 53-year-old beauty brand to do about the buzziest new social media platform? According to Sameer Agarwal, Clinique North America’s VP of marketing, dive right into the fray. Agarwal stopped by in July and shared lots of info about his brand’s TikTok strategy.

Best quote: ​​“TikTok is all about empowering creators and empowering creativity, and so we saw that brands that did a great job of giving their audiences the opportunity to create against their brand were doing better than the brands that were just pushing out messages.”


Do you remember? The CTA event we had in September 🎶? Well it was with Cathy Shaffner, chief investment officer at Cincinnati-based agency Empower. As Shaffner put it, she leads a team of “personal investment bankers” for Empower’s clients. Who are those clients, you may ask? Brands you’d find in either a Walmart or a mall: Bush’s Beans, Ashley HomeStore, Brooks Running, Famous Footwear, The Body Shop—you get the picture.

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Marketing Brew editor Minda Smiley spoke with Shaffner about stretching a tight marketing budget.

Best quote: “Focusing on the ability to own a specific audience, or going the opposite way and broadening buying demos to help mitigate rate of change in certain areas—that’s been huge as you think about trying to stretch clients’ dollars further.”

Marcus Collins

Marketing Brew reporter Ryan Barwick sat down with Dr. Marcus Collins, head of planning at Wieden+Kennedy New York and marketing professor at University of Michigan, for a Big Convo™ about brand purpose.

Best quote: “As a business, isn’t my purpose to make money? So instead of using ‘purpose’ as language, I like to use the language ‘brand ideology.’ A conviction. A way of seeing the world.”


For this event, we literally asked an airline how it could possibly say it values sustainability being, well, an airline. Ashley Sherman, senior manager of ESG strategy for Delta Air Lines, was tasked with answering these questions from Marketing Brew reporter Ryan Barwick.

Best quote: “When you lead with communications, you get into this space of greenwashing and people feeling like, ‘Are you really being sustainable?’ So we really try to lead with action, which means we talk a lot less than what we do.”

Instagram and Mindshare

To wrap up the year, Marketing Brew editor Minda Smiley sat down with Instagram’s global product marketing manager, Patrick Sofen, and Mindshare’s executive director and solutions officer, Sean Clayton, to chat about 2022 planning + this year’s overhyped (and overlooked) marketing trends.

Best quote: Sofen said creator monetization has been overlooked in 2021. “We’re investing over a billion dollars by the end of 2022—through a number of different programs, including production of Reels content—back into the pockets of creators,” he told the audience.

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The email newsletter guaranteed to bring you the latest stories shaping the marketing and advertising world, like only the Brew can.