Thank you for all your nominations!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a Go-Getter nominee! Submissions have now closed. We’re blown away by the volume and caliber of outstanding individuals we have to consider. We’ll be announcing our very first set of winners in October, followed by a winner celebration in NYC in early December. Stay tuned to see this year’s top Go-Getters!

Do you know a Go-Getter?

Calling all challenge-chasers and barrier-breakers in the marketing world: Marketing Brew wants to celebrate the rule-benders, game-changers, and leaders of tomorrow!

The Go-Getter Awards™ will spotlight those in the marketing industry that demonstrate a bold blend of drive, creativity, and leadership. Nominated by managers, senior colleagues, or industry peers, the honorees will be individuals who are in the early stages of their careers and are making their marks in the industry. These individuals will have demonstrated grit, spearheaded innovation, and forged success stories worthy of bragging rights.

A list of our inaugural Go-Getters and their respective organizations will be announced in Marketing Brew in October. Each winner will receive the award title and a trophy, and will be invited to join a members-only networking group. Finalists' work will be reviewed by editors for a potential, special invitation to participate in our Coworking interview series. Winners will also be invited to a small evening celebration in NYC with food and drinks provided.

Key Dates

Meet the Judges

Andrea Diquez


DDB Chicago

Marla Kaplowitz

President & CEO


Danny Robinson

Chief Creative Officer

The Martin Agency

Nathaniel Ru

Cofounder & Chief Brand Officer


John Schoolcraft

Chief Creative Officer


Anup Shah


Tropicana Brands Group

Jacob Donnelly

Publisher, Morning Brew

Morning Brew

Eleni Savopoulos DuBois

Senior Director, Events & Awards

Morning Brew

Kristine Wyatt

Director of Growth, B2B

Morning Brew

What makes a Go-Getter

We’re looking to receive one example or instance for each of the following categories. Note that strong submissions will contain both quantifiable and qualifiable components.

  • This person knows how to rally the troops—they’ve taken a lead role in aligning key stakeholders in an initiative, project, or time-sensitive issue.
  • They are biased toward action; when something needs to be done, they don’t need to be told—they’re already two steps ahead.
  • In a pickle? They’ve already brainstormed multiple solutions along with the pros, cons, and costs associated with each.
Creativity and Inspiration
  • This person plays a key role in ideating and putting forward ideas for new projects, campaigns, and initiatives. They keep an ear to the ground—paying attention to ongoing trends, industry developments, and competitors.
  • They’re always looking out for better ways to do things, whether promoting more effective collaboration, improving outreach and communications, streamlining processes, or staying organized.
  • They’re willing to take risks and put themselves out there—volunteering for first-time missions and always ready to explore uncharted ground.
  • This person doesn’t necessarily have direct reports, but team members consider them a leader in their own right—someone who strongly represents the organization and its values.
  • They are recognized by senior leadership for their contributions to the organization and clear potential for growth, and show a personal commitment to their own learning and development.
  • They are a consistent and reliable teammate, no matter the situation—equally ready to play a supporting role or to step up and lead the show.

Let us know:

  • A time their work influenced the strategy or direction of decision-making
  • Strategies they constructed that influenced ROI
  • Their continuously charming and helpful attitude (with examples)


Email [email protected]