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About The Brief

Join Marketing Brew and some of the world’s most recognized brands as we gather for a day of networking, collaboration, workshops, and exploration with NYC’s marketing event of the year, The Brief.

We’re bringing together industry experts from General Motors, Duolingo, OKCupid, and more of your favorite organizations to highlight upcoming trends, spotlight innovative strategies, and explore solutions to marketers' latest challenges. Through dedicated workshops and interactive presentations, you’ll step away with tactical learnings and tangible takeaways. You’ll also learn more about:

  • How to enhance your performance marketing strategy
  • Ways to improve your social media presence
  • The evolving role of the modern marketer and how to forge your own path
  • The keys to maintaining and engaging your consumer community
  • How to scale your team for the next level of growth
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Zipporah Allen

Chief Business Officer


Lo Bosworth


Love Wellness

Bobbi Brown

Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Jones Road Beauty

Tracy Bussan

SVP of Brands in Culture, Marketing


Liz Chestang

Fitness Instructor

Obé (stretch break)

Solange Claudio


Formerly Known As

Abby Noel Davison

US Digital Communication Specialist

Tony's Chocolonely

Maria Dempsey


Love Wellness

Mark Douglas

President and CEO


Carly Foy

Director of Sales, North America


Aaron Frank

SVP Strategy, Insights & Research


Greg Hahn

Co-Founder & CCO

Mischief at No Fixed Address

Brad Hiranaga

Chief Brand Officer


Ajay Kapoor

Global Director of Performance Driven Marketing

General Motors

Michael Kaye

Director of Brand Marketing & Communications

Archer & OkCupid

Hannah Kelly



Iris Meijer


Verizon Business

Sara Moll

Founder and CEO

Vin Social

Manu Orssaud

Head of Global Marketing


Fiona Perrin

Co-Founder and CEO

Rendez-Vous Champagne

Guy B. Persaud


P&G Ventures

Katie Potochney

Executive Creative Director

Intuit Mailchimp and Head of Wink

Cody Plofker

Chief Marketing Officer

Jones Road Beauty

Alex Scolari

Fitness Instructor

Obé (stretch break)

Aidaly Sosa

Head of Marketing, USA

Tony’s Chocolonely

Everette Taylor



Angelique Temple



Angela Vargo

VP of Marketing, Communications & Product Experience

Breeze Airways

Ryan Barwick

Senior Reporter

Marketing Brew

Jacob Donnelly


Morning Brew

Kyle Hagge

Chief of Staff, COO

Morning Brew

Katie Hicks


Marketing Brew

Elyssa Margolis

VP, Head of Creative Studio

Morning Brew

Alyssa Meyers


Marketing Brew

Jasmine Sheena


Marketing Brew

Minda Smiley


Marketing Brew

Josh Sternberg

Executive Editor

Morning Brew

Kelsey Sutton

Deputy Editor

Marketing Brew

Kristine Wyatt

Director of Growth

Morning Brew


8:00 – 9:00 am ET

Registration & Breakfast

Grab your pass, grab a bite, and power up with a brew or two before we dive into a day of connection and conversation.

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9:00 - 9:05 am ET

Morning Brew Opening Remarks

Minda Smiley

Minda Smiley

Editor at

Marketing Brew

9:05 - 9:25 am ET

The Lo Down: Building a Healthy Brand with Love Wellness

Session at-a-glance:

  • Addressing stigmas through brand-building and marketing efforts.
  • Leveraging TikTok and social status to promote brand, product, and well-being.
  • The collaborative relationship between founder and CEO.

People tend to be a little shy when it comes to talking about common health problems such as yeast infections, UTIs and digestion issues — making it all the more important to address. But how do you break through to the often-invisible and taboo, and create trust with an audience around intimate aspects of health and wellness? Lo Bosworth, former star of Laguna Beach, knows a thing or two about that. After experiencing various physical ailments that seemed to lack natural solutions, Lo founded Love Wellness in 2019. Since then Lo has worked to reach, educate, and empower individuals on the importance of gut, brain, and vagina care. Join Lo and CEO Maria Dempsey to discuss how Love Wellness has expanded its audience and mission, and how they’ve built a close, collaborative relationship as founder and CEO.

Lo Bosworth headshot

Lo Bosworth

Founder at

Love Wellness

Maria Dempsey headshot

Maria Dempsey

CEO at

Love Wellness

Minda Smiley

Minda Smiley

Editor at

Marketing Brew

9:25 - 9:45 am ET

Tapping Tech for Your Performance Marketing

Session at-a-glance:

  • How to assemble a high-performing martech toolkit and team
  • Strategies for leveraging identity-based solutions while remaining compliant.
  • How to determine KPIs and metrics that are right for your team.

Marketing is meant to perform, right? While there are many different elements at play, performance marketing is certainly having its time in the spotlight. With growing concerns and priorities around privacy, personalization, enhanced experiences, and data, (it’s always about the data), marketers—especially performance marketers—have a whole lot on their plates.

Join Ajay Kapoor, who leads performance-driven marketing at General Motors, as we discuss tapping today’s top martech to optimize your performance marketing, and what leveling up could look like for your business.

Ajay Kapoor headshot

Ajay Kapoor

Global Director of Performance Driven Marketing at

General Motors

Ryan Barwick

Ryan Barwick

Senior Reporter at

Marketing Brew

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