Smooth Sailing: How We Soared to over 2.4 Million Subscribers

How Morning Brew went from small start-up potatoes to big media apples with the help of Sailthru.
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Ian McKinnon

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You ever wonder how this here media company’s newsletters found their way into your inbox? While it’s easy to point to our impeccable writing chops, tantalizing wit, and sheer social media tenacity, there’s more to this story.

You see, a lot of our, if we may, explosive growth, is due to our partnership with Sailthru.

Sailthru is the tool that helped build some of Morning Brew’s strongest marketing programs and strategies from the ground up. To discuss how we went from small start-up potatoes to big media apples, we sat down with our Head of Growth, Jenny Rothenberg, to chat about how Sailthru gave her super marketing powers.

Refer to our Referral Program

Chances are, you’ve heard about our referral program. When you share the Brew, and others subscribe, you get free Brew swag (like uber-cool coffee mugs) and access to exclusive Brew content.

Sailthru brought our referral program to the 21st Century. Before Sailthru, Jenny was operating the program as if it were 1784 (or, more realistically, 1994). She manually logged individual referral numbers, which often led to delays and Jenny getting bogged down in nitty gritty, inefficient marketing processes.

So now when your cousin finally reaches one hundred referrals, her stats are updated in real-time with Sailthru. And voila!, your cousin gets her Brew crew neck faster and Jenny can focus her marketing skills on more important things.

Make Personalization a Priority

Jenny knows more about you than you may think she does—totally not in a creepy way—because of Sailthru’s robust personalization. Sailthru lets Jenny engage with our audience on a deeper level and create personalized experiences.

Sailthru powers meaningful personalization, which allows us to make sure we are sending relevant content to each of our readers—like how many referrals they have and exactly which newsletter(s) they are subscribed to. So if you’re only receiving Marketing Brew, you’ll get a promo for Retail Brew—Morning Brew’s younger, retail-oriented sibling.

Talk That Data Talk

As we mentioned, Jenny knows a lot about our readers. Some people might even think she’s some kind of a mind reader.

Truth is: Jenny isn’t a mystic. But with Sailthru, she can unlock the power of data to create marketing programs specific to our audience—which is pretty dang close to reading minds.

While Jenny uses Sailthru customer profiles to understand Morning Brew readers’ scrolling, clicking, and email-reading habits, other publishing and e-commerce companies utilize Sailthru’s customer profiles to capture key insights, such as interests, email trends, omnichannel behavior, purchase tendencies, and more.

Sailing Forward

As Jenny says, Morning Brew started as a little fish in a small pond (literally a dorm room), and Sailthru has helped take the Brew to where it is today—a much bigger fish in the inboxes of over 2.4 million subscribers.

If growth is your goal, and more data is what you seek, take it from Jenny (and the rest of us) and set sail with Sailthru.

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