How you (yes, you!) can create cinematic video marketing

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Annissa Flores

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When Derick Rhodes, Vimeo’s VP of Community Products, took the stage at The Brief: A Summit Presented by Marketing Brew, he figured most people were pretty familiar with Vimeo. Well, except maybe his mom—been there, Derick.

But while most of us know Vimeo for its history in streaming video (it was the first platform to support HD video on the web, btw), we’re less familiar with what they’ve been up to since then.

Turns out, quite a lot.

“Vimeo has launched a massive amount of tools and new features,” Derick explained.

From marketing tools and video-library management systems to some of the most comprehensive livestream tools on the market, today’s Vimeo is dedicated to helping companies present their brands in cutting-edge, high-quality video marketing.

In his session, Derick showed the audience examples of marketing campaigns built on (and with) Vimeo, and challenged the audience to bring cinematic quality to their own marketing.

Vimeo’s suite of user-friendly tools can not only help you bring your brand vision to life, but can also bring unity and clarity to an intense (and sometimes confusing) process. Wanna know how Vimeo can help your brand create video marketing that wows and builds conversions? Take it step by step.

Step 1: Creation

Ready to connect?

Vimeo’s video editor, thousands of ready-to-edit video templates, and interactive tools make it easy to create, upload, and edit your videos all in one place. You can even put together a brand kit to simplify the video creation process, which comes in handy if you’re creating a video series or want to cut down on production time.

Juggling a lot of stakeholders? Vimeo allows you to manage who has access to what, from company execs to external agency partners. Whether your team is gathered around a conference table or spread out across the country, internal sharing tools and easy-to-use privacy settings boost collaboration without risking security. Plus, automated tools like Zoom auto-uploads and auto-transcripts make it easier to find and share information, and the mobile app is perfect for on-the-go sharing and viewing.

Step 2: Distribution

So you’ve gone from conception to completion. Now you have to get your new video in front of customers. No need to pivot platforms—Vimeo can do it.

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Whether you want to embed your videos on your homepage or share them through social media, Vimeo offers a seamless, ad-free video experience that puts your brand center stage. You can add chapter markers to make it easier for viewers to access specific parts of your content, and optimize your videos with titles, descriptions, and transcripts to boost searchability.

And Vimeo’s interactive video experiences use embedded CTAs that direct viewers to learn more or complete a purchase—without ever leaving the platform.

Easy for your team, easy for your audience.

Step 3: Tracking + analytics

Wanna see how that stunning new video performs and what kind of ROI you’re getting? Of course you do. Vimeo lets you track views, impressions, and interactions across allll your videos from a single centralized dashboard.

If you just wrapped up a Vimeo-hosted virtual event or webinar—which are here to stay, btw—use your dashboard to measure viewer-level engagement too. With the right data at your fingertips, you can make sure your marketing is hitting the mark.

In closing

So, how can we sum up the value of Vimeo’s video marketing tools? Derick said it best:

“We see all these features and services as our combined effort to empower creatives, entrepreneurs, and some of the world’s largest companies to tell better stories and forge deeper connections with their audiences.”

Derick showed The Brief audience how Vimeo powers exceptional video marketing with a unified, user-friendly process. Now’s your chance to see how the video pioneers can help you use video marketing to forge those deeper connections—from first frame to final cut.

Get marketing news you'll actually want to read

The email newsletter guaranteed to bring you the latest stories shaping the marketing and advertising world, like only the Brew can.